Connected by 21 (CB21) is a plan within the 2015-2019 Child and Family Services Plan with the goal of ensuring that emancipated youth have the same building blocks for success in family, work, life that are generally afforded to their peers in intact families. 


To create comprehensive, developmentally appropriate extended youth support program for emancipated youth up to age 21 years which is distinctively different from 0 to 18 Foster Care yet contains all components–permanency planning, RBWO, IL services and judicial oversight. 

18 states have approved Title IV–E plans supporting Foster Care to 21.

Lessons Learned

  1. Planning is an essential. States that did not put time into planning and preparation faced unexpected challenges that required revisions shortly after implementation.
  2. Training prior to implementation and ongoing training are the cornerstones of successful implementation.

#CB21 On The Move (Full Implementation By 2019)

Key Components

Life Coaching 

  • Education
  • Health
  • Employment
  • WTLP


  • Approved
  • Non-Approved/Non-Traditional


Financial Literacy /Saving

Material Resources

Youth Responsibilities

  • In School
  • Working
  • Participating in an employment program
  • Incapapble of work/school participation
  • Actively involved in Key Components